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preparing for when the velociraptors come

There’s no better time than now to be a Supernatural fan. Supernatural's rocking second season delivers every week with smart, thrill packed episodes. The CW advertising machine is churning behind the show, with advertisements appearing in subways and on billboards and TV spots running the whole week through. Supernatural has been licensed on promising new fronts, from the comic book coming this May, to the novel line premiering this fall. Second season trading cards, a first season companion guide, and a dedicated show magazine from Titan Magazines await us in months to come.

In the midst of this growing buzz, we’re excited to bring you the face of a new kind of fan campaign: WatchSupernaturalorg.

At, we’re looking towards the future, and laying the groundwork to support our show’s long term success. Fan campaigns have a long history of desperation, arising as noisy, last ditch efforts among bands of panicked fans. What Supernatural needs now isn’t saving, but exposure, promotion, and a positive media profile to generate the ratings a show of its quality deserves.

Staffed with dedicated veterans of successful fan campaigns and PR experience, is focused on proactive fan activities dedicated to both reaching new viewers and cultivating a positive image of Supernatural and its fans in the press.

The centerpiece of our April efforts will be the launch of a fandom charity drive. Supernatural is a show about two blue collar boys making a difference in the lives of men and women around the nation. At, we’re taking that lofty concept from the realm of fantasy into the world we share. In the process, we’ll focus on generating buzz for the show in the press, and establishing the Supernatural fandom as a fandom of conscience, instead of the mooning teeny-boppers past publications have us pinned as.

Look for further posts with more detailed information, coming later this week.

Other plans are in the works. We’re exploring promising avenues for getting Supernatural into libraries and video stores across the country, promoting Supernatural at broad-topic fan conventions, and attracting viewers through guerilla marketing efforts both on the streets and on the web.

Our website,, aims to become a database of practical ways for the individual fan to promote the show. On the forums, you can help shape the face and direction of new campaign efforts with your own ideas and enthusiasm. We encourage feedback from fans of every background, whether you're a casual viewer or an industry professional. If you provide a sound idea, we’ll provide the path to its practical execution.

Come look around the website, sign up for the forum, and get involved in the future Supernatural.

What about promote_spn?'s Livejournal outpost will remain here at promote_spn. All updates will be mirrored here at the community, but polls will conducted through the forums so fans from across the web can cast their votes. Although founder mkitty3 has handed over the reins now that the project has grown more expansive than she originally conceived, the new team promises to bring you the same dedication she committed to the project up to this point.
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