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Operation: Winchester official kick-off and website launch

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Operation: Winchester is a go!

Everything is in place, and Operation: Winchester is officially under way -- in fact, four packages have already gone out that I know about (If anyone else has already sent theirs, please email me right away at toastytravesty at so I can add them to the list of OpWin recipients.) Information about the project and how you can take part are on the website and a summary of sorts is behind the cut:

Operation: Winchester is a project that aims to support the hard-working troops overseas by sending them care packages that include a few of the comforts of home, along with copies of the "Supernatural" Season 1 DVD sets. In the process, we put some much-needed supplies and quality entertainment in the hands of a lot of deserving people, and help spread the word about "Supernatural" at the same time.

How does it work?
Operation: Winchester participants buy a "Supernatural" season 1 DVD set, choose a contact from and mail off the DVD set with a letter briefly explaining "Supernatural" and Operation: Winchester. We also strongly encourage participants to include other items to brighten the troops' day -- each contact on lists items they would like to receive.

Before You Send:
1. Check the list of Operation: Winchester recipients to be sure a package hasn't already been sent to the contact you chose. We don't want to bombard one unit with half a dozen copies of the DVD set.
2. Important: As soon as you request a contact person's address, email that person's name and service branch to so we can add them to our list of Operation: Winchester recipients, and prevent multiple copies being sent to the same place. If, after you request the contact person's address, you cannot send an Operation: Winchester package, please email us at the same address so we can remove the name from the recipients list and free up that contact for someone else.

What To Send:
The Operation: Winchester package should contain a "Supernatural" season one DVD set, a note or letter from the sender, and information about Operation: Winchester. You can use this printable information sheet if you like, or write up your own description. We also encourage you to include some of the items requested by the troops on their contact page. Our goal is to make things a little better for these folks, and sending them a few of the things they're missing is one way we can do that.

Please help spread the word about the project. If you have any questions or comments, let me know. :)

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many people for helping me get this project -- and especially the website -- up and running. zillah975, ugahill and Supernatural Underground, potthead, mrstinkles -- thank you all so much for the help, advice, support and hand-holding. Without you all, this project would never have gotten off the ground. And there are many other people who helped; please know that I appreciate all of the suggestions and ideas and enthusiasm. :)

edit: I've just been told that the humongous majormassive sale on Season 1 DVD sets at Target ENDS TONIGHT! Be sure to get your copies now for $22.99. Thanks to shelaghc for the heads-up!
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