Fangirl Says (fangirlsays) wrote in promote_spn,
Fangirl Says

Welcome to the Underground

Welcome to the Supernatural Underground.

The Underground is a network of Supernatural fans and websites, and is designed to help connect us all and help spread the word about Supernatural. Members of the network will be added to a mailing list (and the SPNU members page) that will send out a group email that lets you know what's going on around the SPN universe. It can be everything from news updates about the show to information about projects, conventions, etc. that SPN fans are planning. And whatever news and events you have can be shared with everyone within the Underground, too, so more people know about what their fellow fans are doing to promote the show!

To join the Underground, just email, link back to the Underground from your website or LJ (ugahill has icons, avas and buttons on the support page that you can use, or just use a hyperlink.) Start sending in your news and ideas, and find out what the rest of fandom is doing when the emails arrive.

I'm so excited about this project! With Supernatural Underground, ugahill has given us what I think will be an invaluable resource. I really encourage everybody to go check it out and join. :D

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