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Help two great causes and promote Supernatural at the same time

Over on supernatural_tv, people are reporting that Supernatural season 1 DVD sets are on massive sale at Target, Best Buy and So if you've been waiting for a great sale to purchase your DVDs for Operation: Winchester packages, now's the time! It's not likely you'll find the DVD sets any cheaper than this.

But there's more! If you follow the links below and buy your Supernatural DVD set at, 4 percent of your purchase price will be donated to Fandom Rocks, too -- you can support troops overseas with care packages that include SPN DVDs, and join your fellow Supernatural fans raising money to benefit the Lawrence (Kansas) Community Shelter at the same time.

To buy Supernatural DVDs from and help Fandom Rocks, follow these links:

Season 1 at Currently on sale for $19.99!
Season 2 at (pre-order) Currently $39.99 (pre-order)

Other options for season 1 (as of 8/14/07):

$19.99 in-store price at Target (also online.)
$19.99 in-store price at Best Buy (also online.)
$14.99 -- some Best Buys apparently have already-opened copies of season 1 DVD for cheap. These are inspected to be sure they play properly, and are perfectly okay to send in Operation: Winchester packages. :)

An update on Operation: Winchester will be posted soon. Be sure to email me (toastytravesty at to let me know you're sending a package, if you haven't already done so. Thanks!
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