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Operation: Winchester -- Phase Two!

From the Supernatural convention in Chicago today, we got this snippet:

* Master Sergeant Kevin Wise, a Special Forces soldier, presented the guys with a letter from General David Petraeus, commander of the Multi-National Force in Iraq, as well as honorary Special Forces coins from his unit. Supernatural is the most requested DVD among armed forces personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan! The guys were amazed and touched, and presented Wise with a shooting script, signed by the cast and crew. Source.

Today, we're kicking off Phase Two of Operation: Winchester. In Phase One, people put together their own Operation: Winchester packages, got contact names and addresses from, and send packages themselves. This first phase of Operation: Winchester is ongoing.

Now, there's another way you can be a part of Operation: Winchester! In Phase Two of the project, Operation: Winchester is teaming up with The Staten Island Project Homefront to send more copies of "Supernatural" DVD sets to troops overseas. The Staten Island Project Homefront is a campaign that mails care packages to troops on a regular basis; please check out their website for more information. The folks at Project Homefront have agreed to include in their packages as many DVD sets as we can send them -- and they'll pay the postage for the care packages! All Operation: Winchester has to do is buy the DVD sets and have them sent to Project Homefront.

Even better, we plan to buy the DVDs via (so we can take advantage of their free shipping) and use the Fandom Rocks! Amazon link, which means that Fandom Rocks! will get a portion of the sales price!

How can you help?

1) You can donate towards buying Supernatural DVDs for Phase Two by clicking here:

You can donate the cost of a set of DVDs (currently $39.99) if you like, but any amount will help and will be greatly appreciated. (Apologies for the screwy html -- anyone know how to fix this?)Alternate link: Donate.

2) Please help spread the word about the project!

Project Homefront mails packages roughly every six weeks. In order to be included in their holiday shipment, I'll need to purchase the DVD sets one week from today.

Thanks so much for your help!
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