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Operation: Winchester Phase 2 update

In November, we announced the beginning of the Operation: Winchester Phase Two project. In Phase Two, we teamed with Staten Island Project Homefront, which ships care packages to troops overseas. We had hoped to send half a dozen or so copies of Supernatural Season 1 DVD sets to Project Homefront to be included with their packages, and asked fans for donations to help make that happen. Supernatural fans then surpassed our wildest dreams by donating enough to buy twenty-four DVD sets! Many, many thanks to everyone who donated -- clearly, SPN fans rock. :)

The DVDs were bought (from no fewer than eight different places, since nearly every online store had a purchase limit of three sets, and some of those were on back-order) and sent to Project Homefront. Then, potthead and her contact at Harper-Collins arranged for a box of Supernatural books (nine each of Nevermore, Witch's Canyon and The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons and Ghouls) to be sent to Project Homefront on our behalf. Many thanks to potthead for all of her help -- I'm sure the troops will enjoy those books!

The folks at Project Homefront spent Jan. 3 packing the boxes for this month's shipment. Jack Semich, the Project Homefront Executive Director, was kind enough to take pictures of the DVD sets ready to be packed.

title or description

title or description

I think the yellow packets are phone cards that allow troops to call home.
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The packages have been mailed and are on their way to the troops right now. Again, thank you so much to everyone who helped make this possible. :)

Now, we want to thank Project Homefront for all of their help by making a donation to help defray their postage expenses. Mr. Semich told me that this shipment alone cost $2700 -- and they ship every six weeks. All of those shipping costs have to be met by contributions. So please, consider making a donation to Operation: Winchester's Paypal account so we can help with that. Click the donate button below, or visit the Operation: Winchester website.

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